Higher Quality Materials and Design Evolution


Obviously, glass quality has come a long way from the fragile and milky characteristics it had in the beginning. Limited quality meant limited design possibilities. Now there are few limits to what a master of the craft can do with a lump of glass. Bongs so fantastic they hardly seem real are more than a possibility, they are a fact. Modern glass blowers aren’t segregated on an island anymore to guard their secrets, and when two craft masters get together on one design, the results are bound to be fantastic.

There is a hardly a tobacco shop in the entire country that doesn’t have at least a small selection of hand blown glass bongs or pipes in every shape and design you could imagine. The best online shop where you can buy glass bongs is Bongoutlet. Ancient Romans may have had to settle for simple medallions and beads but that is certainly not the case today. More than just design has evolved in the glass blowing craft. Price has as well and glass bongs or pipes are now common enough that they aren’t just for Kings or aristocrats anymore. Even the most budget conscious among us can afford to own a piece of the strange or unusual now.