Functional Art

Glass making

Before glass bongs came along, most of us owned the kind we had to hide because there was no disguising them. There are some very creative personalities in the modern glass blowing business, and these days, it isn’t hard to find glass bongs that make very attractive table centerpieces or end up taking pride of place on a shelf. It is the nature of blown glass items to differ slightly when the item is made by humans hands, but that is part of the attraction. Not only is a glass bong capable of decorating your table, you can claim to own an original piece of art as well.

Buying something for the simple sake of beauty is very satisfying if you can afford it but most of us need more than unique looks, or eye appeal in a glass bong. If all it does is look good, what’s the point? A functioning work of art however is a whole different matter. Modern glass blowing is a very exacting process. When you see a hand blown glass bong you can’t look away from, you have to admire the talent and imagination that came up with it.